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Tech Notes


Following is a collection of Tech Notes written to help you learn more about the many features our products have to offer.

Installing a Codec and Configuring Port Forwarding (807.23 KB pdf)
Bridge-IT IP Codec Studio Setup for IP Streaming (158.35 KB pdf)
Bridge-IT IP codec configuration for sending RS232 data (1.09 MB pdf)
Bridge-IT IP codec: How to install licence files (133.05 KB pdf)
Bridge-IT IP Codec: Auto Installation of Licence Files via TieServer (193.49 KB pdf)
Bridge-IT G5 Installation of License Manager and Clearing of Java Cache (105.79 KB pdf)
Report-IT Enterprise: 10 Steps to Configure User Accounts (89.9 KB pdf)
Report-IT: connect 2 iPhones to one G3 codec simultaneously (188.69 KB pdf)
Report-IT Data Usage Calculator (19.49 KB zip)
Evaluating IP audio link quality using LQ codec readings (315.77 KB pdf)
Tieline Data Usage Calculator for IP Networks (5.98 KB zip)
G5 Codecs: IP (SIP) and ISDN Codec Compatibility (1.78 MB pdf)
G5 Codecs: Genie Distribution with Wheatnet-IP: WheatNet Card Configuration (654.43 KB pdf)
G5 Codecs: Merlin PLUS with WheatNet-IP: WheatNet Card Configuration (955.69 KB pdf)
G5 Codecs: Configure ISDN Modules and Answering in Genie & Merlin (881.25 KB pdf)
G5 Codecs: Using Answer Routes for Multiple Sessionless ISDN calls (340.06 KB pdf)
G3 Codecs: connecting to a PC (41.67 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: Installation of USB drivers (816.96 KB pdf)
G3 Codec firmware upgrades using ToolBox Software (208.41 KB pdf)
G3 Codecs: Wi-Fi Bridges using Windows 7 PCs (105.51 KB pdf)
G3 Codec configuration for One Touch 3G IP connections (200.15 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: How to get started with Verizon over 3G wireless (111.99 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: Adding a 3G Custom Access Point into a G3 Codec (140.99 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: New Euro ISDN G3 Module Configuration (134.74 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: Programming failover standby connections (329.8 KB pdf)
G3 Codec Failover from Stereo ISDN to Mono POTS (245.6 KB pdf)
G3 Codec Troubleshooting GSM Connections - Tech Note 002 (52.18 KB pdf)
G3 Codec Serial Data Connections -Tech Note 004.3 (189.66 KB pdf)
G3 Codecs: configuring for Simple G1 Mode (49.32 KB pdf)
G3 Codec configuration for making POTS Voice calls (260.01 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: Connecting to Comrex over POTS (2.5 MB pdf)
G3 Codec: Program i-Mix PA out to Ch 2 (962.63 KB pdf)
G3 Codec Configure Dual Mono Program (169.59 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: Loading and Saving Configuration Files (84.26 KB pdf)
G3 Codec Configuration for BGAN Satellite Connections (892.38 KB pdf)
G3 codec activation of Failover, Matrix and IP Streaming (27.26 KB pdf)
G3 Codec POTS leased line connections (348.45 KB pdf)
G3 Codec calls from GSM to a G1 codec using Landline POTS (17.77 KB pdf)
G3 Codec programming of ISDN calls (409.58 KB pdf)
G3 Codec connections using X.21 (111.11 KB pdf)
G3 Codec: TLG3 GUI Operation Manual (2.52 MB pdf)
G3 Codec Interoperability with other codec manufacturers (5.46 MB pdf)
Identifying the differences between POTS and POTS G3 modules (120.19 KB pdf)
How to test IP network connectivity. (134.71 KB pdf)
CAN 8+8 Relay Box Operation Guide (24.67 KB pdf)