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What is AES67?

AES67 is a standard for audio over IP interoperability developed by the Audio Engineering Society (AES), which is designed to allow interoperability between competing IP-based audio networking systems.

The current AES67 standard addresses the audio transport mechanism and clocking schemes to allow competing networks to seamlessly exchange streams of IP audio. The next phase of AES67 development, which encompasses how peripheral equipment is integrated via the control layer, will be driven over time by customer demand.

How is AES67 Useful?

A number of competing protocols exist for IP-based audio networking. AES67 standards provide a framework for these systems to interconnect and route IP audio. This is extremely useful because broadcasters interact constantly with external networks and there are often competing IP systems within the same broadcast network.

The concept behind AES67 is to also deliver a totally integrated studio environment. This requires additional work to overcome current limitations, which include a lack of device discovery, logic and control between different manufactured equipment.

How do Tieline WheatNet-IP Codecs Deliver Compatibility?

Both the Genie Distribution WheatNet-IP and Merlin PLUS WheatNet-IP audio codecs are purpose-built for interfacing seamlessly with the WheatNet-IP Environment. They are also compatible with the AES67 standard and Wheatstone Corporation’s NAVIGATOR software allows you customize sources and destinations for these codecs as you would with other network components.

Tieline’s WheatNet-IP codecs deliver the mechanism for transporting IP audio seamlessly to and from studios over a variety of IP based networks while maintaining IP audio integrity throughout. The codecs support Tieline’s SmartStream PLUS dual IP streaming technology, which has become the industry standard when transporting broadcast audio streams over the public internet.

What is the Future for AES67?

Work is being done behind the scenes on defining agreed standards at the control layer and once this has been achieved broadcasters will see the true interoperability benefits of AES67. As they say, the future’s so bright you’re gonna need to wear shades!


--------- Merlin PLUS WheatNet-IP 6 x mono v1_20130605

  Merlin PLUS with WheatNet-IP integrates with the WheatNet-IP Environment