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Macquarie Southern Cross Chooses Tieline Codecs for STLs and Outside Broadcasts

Jul 23, 2009

 --- Charlie Gawley and Jim Vasey


Tieline’s Charlie Gawley (left) with Jim Vasey from Macquarie Southern Cross Media


Australia’s largest regional radio network, Macquarie Southern Cross Media, has purchased 43 IP audio codecs from Tieline Technology to use as studio-to-transmitter links (STLs) and for performing remote outside broadcasts using IP.

“Across the Macquarie Southern Cross Media network Tieline G3 IP codecs will be used to broadcast a wide range of different programming,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s Australasian Business Development Executive. “From IP STLs to outside broadcasts, network content will include music, sports and sponsorship broadcasts as well as news and current affairs coverage. Tieline’s unique QoS Performance Engine Technology delivers extremely reliable IP connections with features such as automated jitter buffering and advanced forward error correction techniques to replace any lost packets over wired and wireless networks.”

All Tieline codecs are capable of connecting over IP, 3GIP, POTS/PSTN, ISDN, X.21, GSM and satellite (IP and ISDN) networks using interchangeable plug-in modules for different connection transports. Broadcasters can use any combination of these modules for their primary and failover connections. This flexibility also allows broadcasters to take advantage of existing broadcast infrastructure and transition into newer technologies like IP and satellite (IP and ISDN) as they become available.

The BGAN satellite footprint was recently extended to encompass the east coast of Australia and most of the Pacific region, providing new opportunities to use Tieline’s fully satellite-compatible codecs from anywhere a signal can be received.

Tieline codecs featuring IP, 3GIP and SIP interoperability can be ordered for demonstration at any Tieline international office in the US, Netherlands, and Australia or from any listed Tieline dealer at www.tieline.com 




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