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Report IT Live Now Shipping !!!

Apr 7, 2010

Broadcast HD quality IP audio from your iPhone live to air...

  --- Report-IT IP audio broadcast app

With Report-IT Live Radio and TV Reporters can deliver news, sports, interviews and events to listeners and viewers faster than ever before. Report-IT is the ultimate low latency, high performance, IP audio newsgathering tool for live and pre-recorded on-location reporting. Report-IT transports real -ime 15kHz HD-quality IP audio reliably over your iPhone’s 3G or Wi-Fi connection back to your Tieline IP enabled audio codec in the studio.

What can I do with the Report-IT Live App?

Live on-location Broadcasting

  • Broadcast HD quality audio interviews live over the air. Just load the app, choose “Report Live”, hit the connect button and start talking into the iPhone mic  – you’re live on the air
  • Turn the iPhone upside down and point the mic at your subject. The app will flip to help you monitor your audio levels.
  • Live crosses to the studio - Report-IT Live supports bi-directional 15kHz audio, so you can listen for studio cues and instructions using ear buds plugged into the iPhone over the same link.

Pre-recorded reporting

  • Pre-record and store news, sports, interviews and stories to your iPhone then broadcast them at a later time to a Tieline codec in the studio
  • Don’t need to broadcast live? Then, FTP file transfer your pre-recorded audio file to the station for play out later.

How do I buy it and how much does it cost?

Available only on the Apple iTunes App store.

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How does Report-IT Live work?

Broadcasting live from your iPhone is a one button connection to the Tieline codec in the studio.

For the studio you need an IP enabled Tieline Bridge-It or a Commander G3 Field codec or a Commander G3 Studio codec in the studio (the receive end of your IP connection). If you have one already then contact support@tieline.com for the latest firmware version.

To record and store audio reports for later transmission or FTP file transfer, choose “Record a report” and hit the record button. Your audio will be stored in a WAV format. Choose from WAV or AAC LC formats for FTP file transfer. Statistics like time and file size are provided.

If you have a Tieline codec but need to enable it for IP, visit http:\\tiestore.tieline.com right now to buy it or visit tieline.com for a complete list of dealers. To learn more about Tieline codecs visit www.tieline.com.


How do I buy Report-IT Live?

Buy Report-IT now and start recording HD quality IP audio files to the phone and transferring your audio files via FTP to your network instantly. The Report-IT Live app also lets you to connect live to a Tieline codec for 1 hour. (A great way to trial the live functionality) If you want more live connection time to a Tieline codec you can either purchase time by the hour or unlock unlimited live connections from within the Report-It application.

Report-It Live Time – optional in-app purchase USD$50* per hour

Once you have purchased the Report-IT Live app you can buy additional “live” broadcasting time from within the application. Each purchased unit provides 1 hour of live connection time to a Tieline codec for “live” broadcasting. Buy hours as you need them and use the on-screen counter to track remaining time.


Report-IT Live Pack – optional in-app purchase USD$350* - unlimited hours

Buy the Report-IT Live Pack and get unlimited “live” connections to a Tieline codec for “live” broadcasting for one price.

*Note prices may vary slightly between countries due to exchange rates.

I need a complete live kit right now - what should I do?

Buy Report-It Live from the app store.  Then visit http:\\tiestore.tieline.com and purchase a Bridge-IT IP audio codec for the studio and you’ll have everything you need to broadcast live HD quality IP audio back to the studio in real time. Tieline also has dealers in more than 25 countries around the globe who sell and support Tieline codecs. Visit tieline.com for a complete list.

Want to talk to someone first ? Call or email us now. Email info@tieline.com or call Indianapolis US +1-317-845-8000 or Perth, Australia +61-8-9249-6688

Is there anything it can’t do?

iPhone does not allow users to connect from your iPhone to another mobile phone. 

What cool features can I expect to get free in future upgrades?

  • Audio editing: Top and tail or just highlight and save only the best elements of your audio report for live playout or FTP transfer. 
  • Play pre-recorded grabs, interview comments and commentary items while you are broadcasting live to the studio.

What kind of support can I expect?

Tieline Technology is a manufacturer of professional audio codecs used in thousands of radio and television studios every day around the globe. We have support teams around the globe ready to take your call or email with any questions on how to optimize and install your Report-IT Live application. You can also join the Tieline user forum community at tieline.com and post comments and questions. 

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Click the App Store logo below to view the Report-IT Live iPhone App in iTunes or search for Report-IT or Tieline within the iTunes Store: 


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