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Tieline Adds New IFB Features to Merlin and Merlin PLUS

Aug 22, 2013


Tieline today released v.2.6.22 software which enables Merlin PLUS and Merlin PLUS WheatNet-IP codecs to simultaneously create two bidirectional mono or stereo remote connections with a separate bidirectional IFB connection. This software upgrade also allows Merlin codecs to run a single mono or stereo remote with a separate IFB connection.

  --- Merlin PLUS 2 x stereo plus IFB connections

Merlin and Merlin PLUS codecs running two

stereo remotes with a separate IFB connection

Merlin, Merlin PLUS and Merlin PLUS WheatNet-IP codecs are designed specifically for managing remotes and many broadcasters require full duplex communications and bidirectional program audio between the studio and remote sites. This release meets these expectations and all codecs are compliant with I3P EBU3347 requirements for interoperability of AoIP production intercoms.

Merlin PLUS and Merlin PLUS with WheatNet-IP are also the first broadcast codecs capable of delivering 6 simultaneous bidirectional mono IP connections to remote Tieline codecs or smartphones using the Report-IT Enterprise application.

Software release v.2.6.22 is a free upgrade and is available for download from http://www.tieline.com/Support/Latest-Firmware. A software upgrade with minor enhancements is also available for the Genie range of IP audio codecs.

For more information contact sales@tieline.com.

Both codecs will be on show at the upcoming IBC and NAB Radio shows.

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