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Tieline Unveils New ViA Remote Codec at NAB2016

Mar 30, 2016

Tieline today announced it will unveil a revolutionary new remote audio codec named ViA at NAB2016.

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“Tieline’s new ViA codec sets a new standard in wireless remote broadcasting and will fundamentally change the way engineers perform live remotes,” said Will McLean, CEO of Tieline the Codec Company. “We have completely redesigned the user interface in ViA and there is a focus on simplicity and usability when creating and monitoring live connections.”

--- ViA - Will McLean with the ViA codec

Will McLean, CEO Tieline Group of Companies with ViA

“Tieline revolutionized mobile reporting with the Report-IT Enterprise app and ViA leverages this experience to bring you the simplest and most intuitive codec user interface available.”

See ViA at Tieline’s booth #N5738 at NAB2016 and register your interest in ViA at www.tieline.com/via.

To learn about the release date and be first to learn about more ground-breaking and innovative feature announcements for ViA in coming months, follow  #ViARevolution @Tieline on Twitter, or follow Tieline on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Codec.Company/.

  • Visit Tieline at booth #N5738 at the 2016 NAB Show to view all the latest in codec technology.

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